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Egyptian God Sobek Figure and Game Asset

Sobek (also called Sebek) was an ancient Egyptian deity with a complex and fluid nature. He is associated with the Nile crocodile or the West African crocodile and is represented either in its form or as a human with a crocodile head. Sobek was also associated with pharaonic power, fertility, and military prowess, but served additionally as a protective deity with apotropaic qualities, invoked especially for protection against the dangers presented by the Nile. - source - Wikipedia

The topology is good, there are no Ngones. 13600 faces Rigged with Rigify 

The textures are hand painted in Blender.


Needs Retopology there are a lot of Ngons. 106 000 faces No Rig The textures are procedural generated in Blender. If you are going to use it for 3D Print keep in mind that there is a displacment map.

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Release Notes

new mid-poly model added with new textures.

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One copy to be used by a single user.

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